The staff in our casinos are ambassadors for our brand; their friendliness and competence are absolutely decisive for the feel-good factor in Casinos Austria’s twelve casinos. Accordingly, we place importance on training them well.

Junior Croupier Training Program

Participants in Casinos Austria’s top-class Junior Croupier Training Program receive all the training they need to work as junior croupiers. This nine-week, free training program is of international standard and is run every year – the most recent set of recruits began their training in September 2017.

Junior Croupiers in Casinos Austria’s casinos work at the American Roulette and Blackjack tables as well as at the cash desk, reception desk and the slot machines. Foreign language skills, a confident and service-oriented manner, excellent memory skills and dexterity are all absolute prerequisites for a career at in our casinos. And needless to say, recruits also have to successfully complete our Junior Croupier Training Program.

>>As a croupier, I run the table and also look after the guests. It’s up to me to make sure that the gaming is conducted correctly, and I deal with guests from different countries on a daily basis. If a guest leaves the casino with a happy smile on their face, then I’ve done my job well and know I am in the right job!<< Clemens Freudenthaler, Junior Croupier at Casinos Austria since 2013

Junior Leadership Program

The Casinos Austria Junior Leadership Program (JLP) was launched in 2017 and offers staff in our casinos the chance to train for a management position.

The multi-year program prepares staff for a future career in management. The training focuses on three areas: personal development, industry competence and corporate knowledge. 47 participants with extensive job experience started the Casinos Austria Junior Leadership Program in 2017.