In many cases, the only thing that stops companies from employing people with disabilities are barriers in people’s minds. To break down these barriers, the Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group participated in 2017 in the DisAbility Talent Program.

About the DisAbility Talent Program

The aim of the DisAbility Talent Program is to close the (significant) gap between the number of students/high potentials with disability and the number of actual young professionals with disabilities. The program shows the participating students that they can have a career and prepares them for starting work in workshops run by the social enterprise myAbility. The involvement of companies in this program should serve to teach their staff how to work with people with disabilities and break down any barriers in their minds.

>>When I applied to take part in the DisAbility Talent Program, I hoped it would give me the chance to find out more about a company or specific departments in that company, gather some experience and – in an ideal scenario – also earn myself the possibility of an internship. Aside from that, I hoped to meet interesting people – both employees of the company and other students participating in the program.<< Daniel Orel, Participant, DisAbility Talent Program

Job shadowing in the group for five talented students

In summer 2017, we offered five talented students with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses the opportunity to get to know our group. We also profited from the experience: through the program, we met some interesting high potentials for future internships and employment with our group.

The five students shadowed selected managers and members of staff in different Business Units and Corporate Functions across our group. Daniel Orel, who is studying Business Administration at Vienna University of Business and Economics, spent his time with us in the Digital Marketing department where he participated in meetings and learned about business planning, social media for business and content management.