In keeping with our aim to be a top employer, the “New World of Work” project at our win2day Business Unit established just that – a new open, communicative and transparent world of work.

The office for the next generation

In the office for the next generation, the focus lies on much more than just creating the right working environment to foster creative forms of work: creativity, positive health and well-being and open communication are all also essential. After just seven months of renovations, the staff at win2day were able to move in to their new 500-square-meter office space in July 2017.

Differently-themed meeting rooms, one-to-one ‘boxes’ for private conversations, state-of-the-art technology and height-adjustable ergonomic desks guarantee a welcoming working environment. A staff room equipped with kitchen facilities encourages staff to network and socialize.

A working environment that delivers what staff need and want

A modern and attractive working environment should deliver what staff need and want. To ensure that this was the case, win2day staff were involved in the project from the outset – either directly or through multipliers. Workshops were held at the start of the project to determine their shared values from a cultural perspective and incorporate these into the design and room concepts.

The basic concept for the project was “activity-based working”, i.e. a shift away from the familiar, standard workplace. Accordingly, it was important to identify what actually constituted an ideal working environment for the different teams. In addition, the win2day identity should be clearly evident. Its signature “red line”, for example, runs through all rooms, even though they are all different and have their own individual character.

>>We are really glad that we were involved in the design and realization of our new office space. It meant that we were able to include many of the things we wanted and make sure that certain wishes were considered.<< Jürgen Smutek, Product Manager, win2day 

Venice Beach, Red Room, Sylt Room

The new world of work at win2day is clearly evident in the variety of themes used for its different rooms. The wall in the ‘Venice Beach’ room features a graffiti of a sunset – this room stimulates creativity. The large meeting room is known as the ‘Red Room’. True to its name, this room is decorated in red and grey – win2day’s corporate colors. Like its island namesake the ‘Sylt Room’ gives you the feeling that you are on a beach and generating ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.