Studio 44 – the Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group’s dedicated event location – is an impressive example of the fact that sustainability can also work in the event sector.

Studio 44’s certification as a ‘Green Location’ was very important to us and something we had sought for some time. It emphasizes our commitment to sustainability in the event sector.
Bettina Glatz-Kremsner, Director Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries

Two Austrian Eco-Labels

Studio 44 has held the Austrian Ecolabel’s “Green Meetings & Green Events” license since 2012 and was one of the first event locations in Austria to be awarded such a license. With this license, it is also able to certify that an event has been run as a so-called green event. Since 2016, Studio 44 has itself been a “Green Location”.

The “Green Location” license guarantees that Studio 44 meets the requirements of the Austrian Ecolabel. Only 20 locations in Austria meet these requirements and hold such a license.

In the sustainability context, Studio 44 sets numerous measures both from an environmental and from a social perspective. These include:

  • Use of water-saving technology
  • Resource-conserving operation of the air conditioning and heating systems
  • Waste management concept
  • Use of biodegradable detergents and cleaning products
  • Regional, organic and Fairtrade drinks as house beverages
  • Green electricity from 100% hydropower
  • Promotion of environmentally-friendly travel by public transport (free tickets)
  • Noise prevention
  • Equal rights and diversity in employment policy
  • Training and further education options for staff, and more besides.

As a “Green Meetings & Green Events” license holder, Studio 44 can certify its own and other events as “green”. Well-trained staff and an Environmental Officer are on hand to assist with the certification. In 2017, seven “Green Meetings & Green Events” were held in Studio 44.

Please visit the Studio 44 website for more information on this event location and its green events.