Innovations are an absolute prerequisite for sustainability. The topic of debate at our 6th Innovation Day on 24 October 2017 was “Corporate Agility”.

Ten stimulating presentations and practical examples for the 300 participants

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – or VUCA for short – are the new phenomena that companies nowadays have to face. The era of linear planability is well and truly over; simple relationships of cause and effect are a thing of the past. Corporate success is no longer so heavily defined by ownership of resources like capital, goods or knowledge, it is shaped instead by relationships and partnerships. Agile management is the new recipe for success.

Niels Pfläging, a well-known “management exorcist” in the German-speaking world, Helge Tennø, a Norwegian business strategist, Andreas Gall, Chief Innovation Officer at Red Bull Media House, and Dr. Barbara Heitger, an organizational development expert, all provided insights into how “corporate agility” can be achieved and succeed.

>> The social technology of ‘management’ is a zombie from the industrial era and suitable in the form we know it – lots of planning, hierarchical control and division of functions – for complicated value creation with limited complexity and dynamic. We have no choice – we have to become agile. Form teams, establish mini-companies within your company, and network them. << Niels Pfläging

”Innovation to Company“ – the Start-Up Initiative at Vienna Chamber of Commerce

A particular highlight at our 6th Innovation Day was the final of the “Innovation to Company” start-up challenge organized by Vienna Chamber of Commerce. The Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group had participated in this challenge and looked for start-up partners in the field of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.

The two finalists – Black Cell and Holo Light – presented their concepts and made their innovation pitches on the eve of the Innovation Day, with a second audience vote held during the event itself. Holo Light’s innovative concept for casinos ultimately emerged the victor and was presented with the 7,777-Euro Innovation to Company prize.

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