1. Player Protection

Statutory Responsible Gaming Measures:


Access to our casinos or WINWIN outlets is only permitted to persons over the age of 18 and upon presentation of an official photo ID (Section 25 (1), Austrian Gaming Act).

In addition, guests at WINWIN outlets are issued with a personalized player card (WINWIN Card) on their first visit. The video lottery terminals (VLTs) in these outlets can only be played with an activated WINWIN Card.

Screening & Credit Checks

Thanks to our screening procedures – for visit frequency, gambling intensity and the amounts of money changed – we are able to identify any players who might potentially be at risk. In such cases, our first step is to obtain a credit check (Section 25 (3), Austrian Gaming Act).

Consultations with Guests Regarding their Gambling Behavior

If required, specially trained members of staff meet with players on a one-to-one basis to discuss their gambling behavior. In such meetings, the player is reminded of the risks of gambling and the potential threat to his/her subsistence level. He/she is also provided with information on suitable counseling centers and treatment facilities.

If these consultations do not lead to a change in the player’s gambling behavior, a further meeting is held to inform the player of future measures, e.g. a restriction in visit frequency or issue of an entry ban.

Entry Restriction/Entry Ban

In some individual cases, we are obliged to issue a player with a temporary or permanent entry ban. We also have the possibility to restrict visit frequency. Such entry bans or restrictions are issued when a player does not sufficiently meet the financial requirements to continue participating in gambling.

Self-Restriction and Self-Exclusion

All our guests also have the option to request in writing that their number of visits be restricted or that they be totally banned from entering our premises. When we receive a written request to revoke such a ban, we carry out a new credit check to ascertain whether the individual in question now meets the requirements set out in the Austrian Gaming Act.

Players on our win2day.at online gaming platform have the possibility to exclude themselves at any time from gambling for money on the site. When such a self-exclusion order is put into place, the player is reminded that it will remain in effect for the period defined and cannot be revoked at an earlier date under any circumstances.

Additional Responsible Gaming Measures


The VLTs in our WINWIN outlets are equipped with specific responsible gaming features which support players with time management and limit each player's maximum gambling time.

After 60 and 90 minutes of play, a message indicating the time already spent playing the machines appears on the VLT’s display. The player must then actively confirm if he/she wants to continue playing. After 115 minutes of play, another message appears on the display indicating that the maximum play time of 120 minutes will be reached in 5 minutes. Afterwards, the game is terminated automatically.


Individual player protection measures on the tipp3.at site include options for users to set their own personal cash and time limits or to self-exclude from the site for a defined period (from one month to a maximum of three years). The permanent closure of a tipp3 account can also be arranged on request.


To register with win2day.at and activate an account, each user must first set their personal time and deposit limits. To protect players, any subsequent increase to these user limits does not become effective for 72 hours (“cool down period”). The maximum weekly deposit limit for the site is set at 800 euros.

The prevention tool “MENTOR” provides players with important information and useful hints that allow them to keep a watchful eye on their own gambling behavior. In 2017, “QUESTOR”, a new self-assessment tool for users, was also implemented on the win2day site. QUESTOR provides users with the possibility to compare their own assessment of their use of the site with their actual usage data. By providing them with a clear picture of their own use of the site, the tool encourages users to consciously reflect on their gambling behavior, thereby enabling them to maintain an overview of the amounts of time/money spent and, where necessary, to adapt these accordingly.