Diversity & Fairness

We view diversity as a valuable asset. The diversity of our co-workers and their different points of view, experiences and career histories are an integral part of our strong and innovative corporate culture.

All planned activities in this field are collected in our Diversity Roadmap, which focuses on three areas:


Our goals from a gender perspective are to raise the number of women in leadership positions and to increase the number of women working in male-dominated areas (e.g. IT, casinos/gaming, lottery product sales) and the number of men working in female-dominated areas (e.g. HR, marketing).

At present, our gender split is as follows:


In 2017, the Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group employed a total of 40 apprentices. A further 38 people completed an internship (incl. summer interns) in the group throughout the year.

To safeguard succession, we actively strive to recruit young people and offer them an attractive workplace. We also facilitate age-appropriate work and retain the valuable knowledge of our older members of staff for future use in the group.

People with Disabilities

Since we currently employ only a few people with disabilities, one of our stated goals is to raise awareness and break down reservations towards people with special needs.

In 2017, we participated in the ‘DisAbility Talent Program’, a career program for students and academics with disabilities. Through the associated job shadowing program, five talented students and academics were able to observe managers and employees at work in various business units and departments throughout our group.

We Participate in the DisAbility Talent Program
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