Promoting the Sustainability Concept

Lots of people are talking about CSR, but only a few really know what it is all about and what needs to be taken into consideration. To change this situation, CSR guidelines call on companies who have committed themselves to CSR to promote the concept and notion of CSR both within their own companies and to the outside world.

Let’s Talk About CSR

With our regular series of events to talk about CSR, we offer our staff the opportunity to find out more about the many diverse topics covered by the concept of sustainability.

The focus in these events always lies both on providing incentives for action at work as well as ideas for conscious and sustainable practices outside of work.

The following topic was discussed at our CSR events in 2018:

•    “Electromobility” – Michael Heilmann

Due to scheduling issues, further events in 2018 had to be postponed. We will, however, be continuing our series of CSR talks with greater regularity in the coming year.