Good Training and Motivation

The Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group is committed to offering an attractive working environment that encourages innovation and development.

We place great value on providing our staff with excellent training and further education opportunities. In 2017, each member of staff in our group spent on average 10.9 hours in training or further education.

In 2017, the focus of our training and further education activities lay on:

  • introducing a new learning platform – the C&L Academy (Casino and Lotteries Academy) – to facilitate interactive and location-independent learning on mobile devices,
  • expanding our ‘Welcome Days’ for all new members of staff,
  • strengthening our training in the field of innovation (facilitators, design thinking, etc.),
  • launching a ‘Junior Leadership Program’ (JLP) to secure succession in our casinos,
  • continuing our new training concept for WINWIN outlets, the goal of which is to train WINWIN staff to be able to perform all roles and positions at WINWIN.

Staff Survey "Mood Barometer"

In 2017, we carried out a “Mood Barometer” survey to determine the mood among our staff.

The online questionnaire focused on the following areas: staff satisfaction and motivation, leadership, information and communication. The feedback revealed those areas in which we do well but also those where we have the potential or a need to improve.

73% of staff participated in the 2017 survey, which was open to all employees at our headquarters, in our casinos and in our WINWIN outlets. While the results paint a very positive picture, some action fields were identified and corresponding measures introduced.

The “Mood Barometer” survey will be carried out in future on an annual basis to determine if the measures taken are bearing fruit.

360-Degree Feedback for Managers

To reinforce our feedback culture, we launched a 360-degree feedback process for managers in fall 2017. This began with the feedback process for the members of our management board, followed by our heads of division. In 2018, the process will be extended to our heads of department and group leaders.

During this feedback process, the leadership behavior of our managers is appraised from the perspective of their direct working environment (line manager, co-workers, staff, etc.). The results are then compared with the manager’s respective self-assessment. The aim thereby is to further develop management competencies.

Work-Life Balance & Family-Friendly Employer

The Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group places great importance on ensuring our staff enjoy a good work-life balance.

Austrian Lotteries has held full “workandfamily” certification since 2014. Through this certification, the Austrian Ministry of Family and Youth awards companies a state seal of approval if they subject themselves to – and pass – a special audit to assess their family friendliness and undertake to constantly improve in this area.

When requested, we strive to find a semi-retirement or part-time parental leave model that works both for the company and the employee. Flexible working hours contracts are becoming increasingly common in the modern world of business. New legislation makes it easier for companies to offer diverse and flexible employment options.

At the Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group, we offer our staff a range of different working options: from part-time and semi-retirement models to special on-call and home office arrangements.

We also provide childcare by so-called ‘Flying Nannies’ at our headquarters on workdays when schools are closed. We likewise support our staff when they return to work after extended leave and have appointed a family liaison officer to assist them in this process.

Works Council

There are five works councils in the Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group (a central works council and one each for Casinos Austria AG, Österreichische Lotterien Gesellschaft m.b.H., WINWIN and win2day). These works councils represent the employees of the group and its individual companies. They have a say in how things are run and a right to communicate directly with and receive information from the respective management boards. All members of staff can contact their works council with suggestions and criticisms. These issues are discussed at regular meetings between management and the representatives of the works councils.