Health & Safety

Physical and mental well-being is a prerequisite for motivated, high-performing employees. We therefore consider it to be of utmost importance to promote employee health and ensure the safety of all our employees.

Our employees have access to preventive healthcare measures like immunizations, health check-ups, ergonomic workplaces, first aid courses and advice on all matters pertaining to health and safety. We are supported in the provision of these services by 14 occupational health professionals and 46 health and safety officers.

In addition, our employees have access to a range of other health and safety options depending on their place of employment.

  • At our headquarters in Vienna, staff have the possibility to book massage, physiotherapy or osteopathy treatments as well as Yoga, Pilates or spinal exercise classes at reduced rates.
  • We arrange for our staff to participate in local running events (e.g. Vienna Business Run, Vienna Zoo Run) all year round.
  • Staff in our casinos are supported in such activities by their local staff associations.
  • Twice a year, we organize occupational medicine sessions in our WINWIN outlets to set the focus of upcoming activities. The works council also encourages and promotes “mobility” by providing subsidized tickets for public transport or fitness center memberships.

Staff across the entire Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group have access to subsidized meals and organized participation in a range of sporting events.

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