Health & Safety 

Physical and mental well-being is a prerequisite for motivated, high-performing employees. We therefore place great importance on promoting employee health and ensuring the safety of all our staff.


Health Day 2018

In November 2018, we organized a Health Day for our staff in our Studio 44 event venue. The topic for the event was cancer prevention: “Take Care of Yourself – Don’t Gamble with Your Health”. A number of invited experts were on hand throughout the day to provide our staff with insights into the following topics:

  • Causes of cancer and the importance of screening (Doris Kiefhaber, Cancer Aid Vienna)
  • The benefits of diet and exercise (Jörg Eichinger)
  • The negative effects on our health of “too much of the same” and things we cannot control (Bardia Monshi, Institute for Vital Psychology, iVip)
  • Tips on how to prevent ill health in the workplace (Miro Urlicic, Company Physician, Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group)

In the afternoon, staff also had the opportunity to take a “body analysis” and determine their own body composition.


e-Bike Initiative for Staff 

As part of our “Fit to Work” initiative, staff in our casinos receive financial support if they purchase an e-bike. The aim thereby is to encourage them to use e-bikes not only in their leisure time but also for the journey to and from work.