Casinos Austria International

Casinos Austria International Holding GmbH (CAIH) consolidates Casinos Austria’s comprehensive international activities under one roof. Founded in 1977 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Casinos Austria AG, CAIH has since gone on to become a leading player in the global casino industry.

In 2018, the CAIH portfolio comprised 32 operations in 13 countries, including 5 cruising casinos and 1 video lottery. Together, these operations featured 297 gaming tables and 3,915 gaming machines and employed 788 members of staff.

Legal Status

Casinos Austria International has been operating casinos around the globe for several decades and is thus subject to the various regulatory provisions and requirements that are applicable in the different jurisdictions in which it operates. Its business activities are not covered by this report.

The gaming market in the European Union is not uniformly regulated. Instead, the so-called Principle of Subsidiarity applies. In its jurisprudence, the European Court of Justice has elaborated a number of principles that apply across the EU. These include, for example, the requirement for a gaming licensing system or the responsible advertising of gaming products and services.

Casinos Austria International also has extensive experience with Anglo-American legal systems through its prior or existing business activities, e.g. in the UK, USA, Canada or Australia.