Our Approach to CSR 

There is virtually no other sector of the economy in which social responsibility is of such central importance as it is in the gaming industry. 

In the Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group, “responsible gaming” is not just a slogan, it is the guiding principle in all our business activities. Our responsibility to society goes far beyond player protection and responsible gaming. It covers the full spectrum of social responsibility along the entire supply chain from an economic, ecological and social perspective. Our aim thereby is simple: we strive to be the “best in class”.

ONR 192500 Certified Corporate Social Responsibility

To professionalize our engagement for social responsibility and sustainability, we set up a CSR management system that is based on the requirements of the Austrian Standard ONR 192500 “Social Accountability”. The effectiveness of this management system was audited and verified by the Austrian Standards institute.

Our CSR management system is managed by our dedicated CSR Department. It extends to all business units in the group (with the exception of the “International Business” unit) and helps them to adhere to our seven principles of social responsibility:


Our Goals for our CSR Management System

To allow us to continually enhance both our engagement for CSR and our CSR management system, we have set ourselves a number of sustainability goals.