Diversity & Fairness

Our Diversity Roadmap 2020

Diversity is gaining increasing relevance in businesses and organizations. All people should be able to work together and enjoy respect in the workplace regardless of their age, disability, ethnicity, gender, religion, worldview or sexual orientation.

Social and economic trends are also changing the workplace. Demographic change, globalization, shifting values, falling employment numbers, a growing share of women in work, more migrants from migrant backgrounds. These are challenges that we too face in the Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group. Diversity helps us to react to these trends. But it also does more than that: it shows us how to use them.

Diversity management – actively managing and using diversity inside and outside the organization – is the order of the day. The key question here is: How do we create an environment in which everyone can – and wants to – develop their full potential and which makes us a highly attractive employer?
Bettina Glatz-Kremsner, Director General

In collaboration with the Management Board, we have developed a “Diversity Roadmap 2020” for our Group. Our goal thereby is to manage diversity professionally and strategically. Our Diversity Roadmap 2020 focuses on three areas: gender diversity, age diversity and disability.


Our Group has set itself the goal of employing more people with disabilities in all areas of our business in the coming years. To achieve this, we have taken a series of measures:

  • Awareness raising, e.g. through our participation in the DisAbility Talent Program
  • Active targeting of people with disabilities in recruiting
  • Coaching for teams in how to integrate co-workers with disabilities
  • Three additional vacation days per year for members of staff with a 50 percent or higher disability rating (from 2019 onwards)
All these measures should contribute to making it standard practice in our organization to hire people with disabilities and to create an environment in which everyone can work professionally and on equal terms.
Naida Karabeg, Head of Human Resources
The three extra vacation days are a valuable benefit. Additional regeneration phases are particularly meaningful for people with physical or mental impairments.
Thomas Lieber, Disabled Employees’ Representative

Disability Awareness Can Be Learned

As part of the first Austrian “DIVÖRSITY Days”, we organized a disAbility Awareness workshop in cooperation with the myAbility social enterprise. The workshop showed participants how they behaved in relation to people with disabilities. Personal conversations in a “Sensing Journey” opened new perspectives and dispelled fears and hesitations. In a series of personal and very honest discussions and exercises (e.g. on communicating in sign language), twelve colleagues learned first-hand how those affected dealt with their own disabilities.

Gender Diversity

Our long-term goal is to incorporate men and women equally and sustainably into all areas of our business. To achieve this, we want to actively raise the share of women in management positions in our Group, support our talented young female staff through a special mentoring program and achieve a gender balance in our new and replacement hires in all areas.

Age Diversity

The value of know-how and social competence to an organization should never be underestimated. When older members of staff leave a company, this knowledge is frequently lost for good. It takes a lot of time – and, in a worst-case scenario, also money – for new employees to gain this knowledge. That’s why we have already carried out an in-depth analysis of age diversity in our Group and studied how we can continue to involve older members of staff and draw on their expertise. In 2019 and 2020, we will be placing particular focus on the topic of age diversity.

Compatibility of Career and Family

Diversity is only possible if the parameters fit. Austrian Lotteries attained “workandfamily” certification back in 2011 and is currently undergoing its second re-certification audit. The audit helps us to create a family-friendly company policy and establish a balance between our business interests and the needs of our staff. In the past few years, we have introduced over 30 measures to improve the compatibility of working and family life. These include our “Family Business Breakfast” for staff on parental leave, our “Flying Nannies”, who provide childcare support at our headquarters during school holidays and our dedicated internal online platform for topics relating to parental leave, returning to work, or caring for dependents.

The following focus topics were agreed with our staff and managers:

  • Parenthood, parental leave, returning to work, active fatherhood
  • Home office and accessibility
  • Working in old age and/or as a carer
  • Advancement of women

These topics will be worked on intensively in succession for a period of six to nine months in each case.

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