Partnerships and Activities for the Common Good

We see it as our duty to be a good partner for Austria and to provide support for all manner of different issues, initiatives and activities. We also consider it important to do so through strong, long-term partnerships.


Contributions to Value Creation and Entertainment 

With 3,093 jobs and 650 million euros in tax contributions in 2018, we are not only one of the biggest taxpayers in Austria, we also make a significant contribution to the country’s economy. Through our close ties to our domestic suppliers and the so-called effects on demand, further jobs are created and secured each year along our supply chain.

In addition to these contributions to the economy, we also provide the Austrian population with excitement, fun and entertainment. Our extensive portfolio of gaming options – 12 casinos, 19 WINWIN outlets, a whole range of lottery products and tipp3 betting games – is available across the whole of the country, while our online platform win2day offers players the possibility to play these games online. We also host around 2,000 events every year – from culinary evening functions or themed exhibitions to regular performances by Austrian comedians and cabaret artists.

Seven-time Rollover Jackpot, Record Payout for Six Correct Numbers, Big Wins and Casino Jackpots 

At Austrian Lotteries, 2018 was a year of superlatives and very impressive jackpot payouts.

With 367 “big wins” (100,000 euros or more), 2018 trumped 2017 by an impressive 83 big wins. Alongside the record payout for six correct numbers, the absolute highlight was the first-ever seven-time rollover jackpot in the 32-year history of Lotto in Austria. The six correct numbers were picked by a player from Lower Austria, yielding him a record payout of more than 14.9 million euros. Two lucky players from Austria also hit the jackpot in the EuroMillions lottery in 2018, each winning more than 45 million euros.

The figure below shows the distribution of the 367 big wins in 2018 across the individual games:























Guests at Casinos Austria’s casinos also had cause to celebrate in 2018. In September, the Mega Million jackpot was hit in Casino Salzburg. Always worth one million euros or more, the Mega Million progressive is Austria’s biggest slot machine jackpot and links all twelve Casinos Austria casinos across the land.

2,361 Hours of Volunteering for Good Causes 

In March 2018, we significantly extended the corporate volunteering program that we had introduced back in 2013. All employees in our Group now have the possibility to spend five working days each year on full pay volunteering for a good cause.

Participation in the program is voluntary and our employees can choose from a multitude of different social projects. Because personal will and commitment also count. Both parties – the employee and the supported organization – thus gain maximum benefit.

Through this program, our employees spent an impressive 2,361 hours volunteering for good causes in 2018 – the equivalent of around 300 eight-hour working days. Information on where we volunteer, who we support and what our partners say about our engagement can be found in the next section of this report.

Helping Others - Corporate Volunteering Program
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A Longstanding Sponsoring Partner

Sponsoring has been a permanent part of our corporate culture ever since our Group was founded. As good corporate citizens, we consider it a matter of principle to work in Austria for Austria and to support institutions, initiatives and projects that serve the public good. Continuity, reliability and common goals are the cornerstones of our sponsoring partnerships, most of which have been in place for many years.

To tighten the focus of our Group’s sponsoring activities, we have set the following core priorities: Casinos Austria places its main emphasis on the arts and culture sector. Austrian Lotteries  focuses primarily on sport. The social and humanitarian sectors, which are of particular importance in socio-political terms, are jointly supported and sponsored by both companies.

We carefully screen and assess all requests for sponsorship that we receive. In the process, we adhere strictly to our Responsible Advertising and Sponsoring Guideline, which clearly defines which requests for sponsorship should be rejected. All acceptable requests are also subjected to a compliance check. All sponsoring commitments on our part are subject to the successful completion of these checks.

Fair Partnerships on Equal Terms

Alongside our classic sponsoring activities, our so-called CSR partnerships form an important pillar of our CSR strategy – and there were plenty of these in 2018.


Inclusion in Form of a Leather Ball

Casinos Austria Integration Football World Cup 2018 among the Top 5 at the Austrian Sustainability Action Days 

The Casinos Austria Integration Football World Cup is an inspiring example of how integration can be brought to life: 1,800 amateur footballers from different countries take part in this five-a-side football tournament every summer in 150 teams that speak 50 different languages. The tournament is also viewed with high regard: the 6thAustrian Sustainability Action Days voted the Casinos Austria Integration Football World Cup one of the five most popular projects in 2018


Music from Austria

Casinos Austria Music Line

The Casinos Austria Music Line supports musical diversity in Austria. It focuses thereby above all on music projects that would not have been possible without its support. In 2018, a number of projects were brought to the “big stage”.

In February 2018, the well-known Austrian author and musician Peter Henisch presented his latest album "Blues Plus". The songs on the album are classic examples of the Blues genre, with their lyrics and melodies distinctively shaped by Vienna and the inimitable disposition of the Viennese.

In October, not one, but two new albums were presented live on the Studio 44 stage. The first of these was "So wie’s is" (“As it is”), the new album by Viennese singer-songwriter Norbert Schneider. The album once again demonstrates Schneider’s musical diversity: his compositions feature a bold combination of genres like Blues, Viennese folk, classic chanson or Rock & Pop. A week later, the acoustic rock band Die Kammer impressed the audience with their new album "Season IV – Some T#ings Wrong". The eight-person acoustic orchestra gave the audience an insight into their latest season with its profound lyricism and stirring musical arrangements.


Literature from Austria

Alpha Prize for Literature

Established in cooperation with Vienna Municipal Libraries, the annual Alpha Prize for Literature recognizes talented authors who are not yet firmly established in their literary careers. The 9th winner of the 10,000-euro prize was Iris Wolff for her noveSo tun, als ob es regnet (“Pretend it’s raining”).


Music from a Young Viennese Pianist

Casinos Austria Rising Star Award 

The 10,000-euro Casinos Austria Rising Star Award is presented each year to a student at the University for Music and Performing Arts (mdw) in Vienna and is intended to help talented young musicians embark on a professional career in music. The winner of the award also receives an exclusive record production, providing them with an acoustic business card as an entrance ticket to the world stage. In 2018, the Casinos Austria Rising Star Award went to the Viennese pianist Maximilian Kromer


DanceAbility Workshops

ImPulsTanz Festival 

With its diversity and unique concentration of performances, productions, workshops and projects, the annual ImpulsTanz Festival in Vienna is one of the most important events for contemporary dance worldwide. But artistic diversity is not the only thing that is celebrated at the ImpulsTanz Festival: an event that brings together so many different people is a powerful ambassador for social diversity, integration and inclusion. This applies in particular to the DanceAbility Workshops that are held during the festival. DanceAbility is a special dance training method for people with and without disabilities. The Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group has been sponsoring these workshops for many years.



In 2018, Casinos Austria AG and the Austrian Innovationsstiftung für Bildung (“Innovation Foundation for Education”) set up the Wir-bewegen-unsere-Zukunft (“Active-for-our-own-Future”) education foundation. The goal of this new foundation is to encourage children between the ages of three and ten to actively participate in sports and exercise. To achieve this goal, the foundation funds projects that use a playful and fun approach to encourage children to become more active. Of the 68 applications for funding that were received in 2018, four projects (see below for further details) were chosen and provided with financial support to help them on their path to success. 


INTERACTION 4Motion – The Activity Game for Families and Friends – Rudy Games GmbH, Austria

Building on the award-winning INTERACTION game, the 4Motion edition focuses on sports and exercise and combines the social fun of the classic board game with the multimedia potential of an app. The app “learns” during the game and automatically adapts the difficulty of the exercises to the player’s ability. A networked game with sports challenges is also available. Players receive the challenges on their smartphones and have to complete each one within 24 hours. If they succeed, they receive a reward and can match their own performance with that of other players.


TamaUgotchi – Sportunion Österreich, Austria

The augmented reality TamaUgotchi smartphone app is designed to encourage players to exercise and can be installed by children, parents and teachers alike. If the TamaUgotchi is regularly fed with the points received for doing “healthy activities”, it remains alive and grows. Their empathy for the cute little being motivates children to do sports and exercise and encourages them to integrate healthy living into their daily lives.


Playfinity Österreich - Playfinity AS, Norway

Playfinity is a project to develop an alternative gaming console that combines the world of gaming with outdoor play. The gaming console uses a special sensor to measure the speed, height, strength and rotation of movements. This data is recorded via smartphone or tablet. To provide even more incentive, the console can be used in combination with the “Playfinity Ball” product, thus transforming it into an interactive ball.


Beat the Street – DDBVB - Dopplinger & Dopplinger Ges.m.b.H., Austria

This project uses the slogan “Achieving More – Moving Together” to encourage schoolchildren to walk or cycle more in their daily lives by notching up kilometers and points over a six-week period. Each participant receives an envelope with a key ring for the child, a chipcard for the parents, a map showing the “Beat the Street Transmission Boxes” and a brochure explaining how the game works. By lightly touching the transmission boxes (which are mounted on lamp posts), the child collects points and notches up kilometers. The more boxes they touch, the greater the distance they cover and thus the more points and kilometers they collect.


Let’s Talk

Casinos Austria Tourism and Culture Talks 2018

Casinos Austria Tourism Talk:“Who’s Going to Look After the Guests?”

Austrian tourism is booming. But the mood in the country’s tourism operations is gloomy – they cannot find enough well-trained staff, particularly in the hotel and catering sector. Vorarlberg’s Deputy State Governor Karlheinz Rüdisser, the Chairwoman of the Vorarlberg Chapter of the Austrian Hoteliers’ Association Heike Ladurner-Strolz and the Head of the Tourism and Leisure Section at the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce Elmar Herburger sat down with Casinos Austria Director Dietmar Hoscher in Casino Bregenz to discuss this situation in front of a live audience.

Casinos Austria Culture Talk: “The Computer Decides What I Like”

To mark the launch of the 35th Danube Island Festival in Vienna, a panel of experts sat down on the city’s Summerstage to discuss the future of music in the digital age in this year’s Casinos Austria Culture Talk. With KroneHIT Radio DJ Dani Linzer as moderator, the panelists – singer and composer Birgit Denk, music producer Thomas Rabitsch, media relations manager Carina Sattelberger, moderator and author Andy Zahradnik, Mojo-Blues-Band mastermind Erik Trauner, Casinos Austria Director Dietmar Hoscher (a music journalist and concert organizer in his own right) – enjoyed a lively and informative debate.

Casino on Tour – Entertainment for a Good Cause
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