Good for Austria

“Good for Austria” – in the Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group, this means assuming responsibility: responsibility for our own actions and responsibility to society.

In addition to our contribution to value creation in Austria, we maintain a multitude of longstanding CSR partnerships with Austrian institutions. We are strong sponsors of arts and culture, sport and social initiatives and are committed to raising awareness of social issues. And in our corporate volunteering program, we quite literally roll up our sleeves and get down to the business of doing something for a good cause.

Our previous and new goalsStatus 2017Status 2018
Partnerships & Activities for the common good
Draw up a new sponsoring strategyplanned for 2018completed
Introduce a new corporate volunteering programplanned for 2018completed
Initiate new CSR partnerships to achieve the SDGsplanned for 2020planned for 2020
promoting sustainability
Hold at least 4 internal and 2 external events to raise awareness about sustainabilityplanned for 2020extended to 2019
Encourage events that are certified as Green Events or ÖkoEventsplanned for 2020planned for 2020