1. Player Protection

To ensure gaming remains a fun pastime, we are committed to ensuring that our terms and conditions of play are adhered to at all times and to actively informing players about responsible gaming and player protection. We also place a strong focus on considering player protection aspects in the development of new games and in game designs.

Pursuant to the provisions of Art. 25 (3) of the Austrian Gaming Act, Casinos Austria and WINWIN monitor visit frequency and amounts gambled for all guests. Should there be reasonable cause to suspect that a guest’s visit frequency or amounts gambled do not reflect his/her financial circumstances, we first obtain a credit check from one or more independent credit rating agencies. This is particularly important because the guest’s increased participation in gambling could ultimately threaten his/her means of existence.

If necessary, we then take further measures. These can range from an informative chat with the player to discuss the situation or a counseling interview pursuant to Art. 25 (3) of the Austrian Gaming Act through to a complete entry ban. In this way, Casinos Austria and WINWIN are able to ensure that an occurrence of problem gambling is recognized at an early stage.

In 2018, we carried out almost 1,600 counseling interviews, initiated over 10,000 visit restriction measures and received and enacted more than 4,000 self-exclusion orders.

"Gambling is not for Children"

Children and young people are not – and never have been – a target group for our Group. This is a cornerstone of our social responsibility.

Accordingly, Austrian Lotteries’ lottery products may not be sold to children and young people under the age of 16. The purchase of Eurobon prepaid vouchers, e-Eurobon online wallet deposits (Glücksbörse) and tipp3 betting slips is restricted to persons aged 18 or over. These voluntary age restrictions were introduced in 2009 and are contractually binding for all our retail partners. 

These strict restrictions are derived from the findings of research into the development of the adolescent brain:

  • The patterns for behavior in later life are set during childhood and adolescence.
  • Children and young people are generally more spontaneous and willing to take risks.
  • The younger the age at which people come into contact with gambling products and the earlier they begin gambling for money, the greater the risk that they will develop a pathological gambling addiction in adulthood.

Participation in the International Lottery Holiday Campaign

The holiday campaign is another of our player protection activities and is designed to make people aware that gambling products are not suitable gifts for children and young people. 
We have been running corresponding sho
rt videos and banner adverts on the online terminals and information boards in our retail outlets and on our social media channels since 2017. In addition to postings on the Austrian Lotteries Facebook channel, we also sponsored media adverts with the slogan “The wrong gift for Peter” in November and December 2018. The target group for this ad was Austrians between the ages of 35 and 65 looking for small gifts to give to friends and family.

The international holiday campaign was initiated by the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) in Washington DC and the International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors at McGill University, Montreal.