Sustainable Waste Disposal

When products and materials have been used for the last time, they inevitably become waste. Even when sustainable products and materials are purchased, they still have to be later disposed of correctly. We have internal Waste Officers in place to assist with such matters.

Our main priority is to avoid waste wherever possible. But when waste cannot be prevented, we need to know its location and volume. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of improving the quality of our waste data. In 2018, we generated a total of 1,016 tons of waste, of which 7 % was hazardous waste and 93 % was non-hazardous waste.

The distribution of waste volumes across our various sites is as follows: 20 % of the waste we produce stems from our headquarters and warehouse – where the volumes of waste paper and cardboard waste are particularly apparent. A further 71 % is produced at our casino and WINWIN sites, where waste from the F&B facilities or entry areas play above all a large role.

Avoiding Single-Use Plastics in our Cuisino Restaurants

Although we strive to generate a minimum amount of waste, it is not possible to avoid it altogether. We therefore regularly evaluate where and when we generate waste and what measures we can take to reduce it. In light of current events, we evaluated the use of single-use plastics in our Cuisino restaurants and decided to eliminate single-use plastic straws in these venues. Any straws that are used in future will be made of biodegradable organic plastic.

Preventing Food Waste at Studio 44 and Cuisino Events

Every year, we organize events and functions across the whole of Austria – both at our Studio 44 event venue in Vienna and in our casino function rooms. We place particular emphasis thereby on incorporating sustainable solutions into these events right from the start. The topic of food waste is especially important in our catering activities. In most cases, event organizers err on the generous side – they want to make sure they have provided adequately for all their guests and thus always order too much food. This then often ends up in the trash. To prevent this, we signed up in 2018 to the Wiener Tafel’s Tafelbox project. Through this initiative run by the Vienna-based food bank charity, from 2019 onwards our guests will have the opportunity to take leftover food home with them at the end of an event.