Foreword by the Management Board

There is virtually no other sector of the economy in which social responsibility is of such central importance as it is in the gaming industry. A game of Roulette or Baccarat, a spin of the slot machines or a round of Poker in our casinos or on our online gaming platform can be an exhilarating leisure pursuit. But they can also in some cases have negative consequences and put people at risk of addiction.

The difference lies purely and simply in whether or not gaming is offered and run responsibly – with the sound backing of comprehensive know-how and expertise in responsible gaming and compliance. The Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group’s responsible gaming and corporate social responsibility management system is exemplary and regarded worldwide as an international standard.

Yet for us social responsibility is far more than just the concern that gaming remains a fun experience and does not become a threat. It is also our stated goal to ensure that our business benefits Austrian society as a whole.

This added value for Austria has been written into our statutes since our group was founded back in 1967. Systematic management systems serve to ensure that we practice what we preach: in the Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group, we do not make abstract pledges to responsible gaming, compliance and corporate social responsibility, we translate them into concrete actions and targeted measures.

Integrated controls guarantee that our business processes clearly follow the principle of social responsibility. Our management systems are regularly audited and certified by independent institutions and auditors. Their audit reports and our regular exchanges with these certification bodies provide us with valuable information that helps us to raise our already very high standards even further and live up to our aim of being the “best in class”.

Our aspiration to deliver added value for Austrian society is also reflected in our commitment to and support for arts and culture, sports, science and research, tourism and social initiatives. We see ourselves as far more than just sponsors: our sponsoring partnerships are an integral part of our responsibility to Austrian society.

This CSR Report provides detailed information on our diverse CSR activities and documents our clear and absolute commitment to our pledge to conduct our business in a socially responsible manner.